古卓文自2006年起代表澳門演唱各大型世界級運動會曲目,翌年則為《第二屆亞洲室內運動會》獻唱。2009年,他代表澳門與其中三位樂壇天王天后級人物—— 陳慧琳、張惠妹及孫楠獻唱《中華人民共和國第十一屆全國運動會》開幕式主題曲。同年,他因參加第一屆《亞洲星光大道》而獲廣泛認識,於節目內被稱為「星光混血兒」,更因其台風獨特而獲得「最佳台風獎」及第五名。

2014年,他正式回澳發展。古卓文亦有參與澳門每年重點舞台劇《芝麻高高歌劇團》,演出多元化。他將積極參與更多活動,早前就擔任《澳門退休、退役及領取撫恤金人士協會15周年聯歡晚宴》的演出嘉賓及參演《打開我天空 GOOD TAKE TOO》等。



Since 2006, Germano has been singing as a Macau representative for large-scale worldwide sports events such as Asian Indoor Games 2007. In 2009, he took part in singing the opening ceremony song for The 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China with renowned stars including Kelly Chan, A-Mei and Sun Nan. In the same year, Germano became a household name during his participation in Asian Millionstar. He won the fifth place and Best Performance Award because of his unique stage style.

Germano's return to Macau in 2014 marked a fresh restart of his music career. He is trying to diversify and for example, he was one of the actors in the annual Macau key musical show Dreamers! Go! Go!. He will be performing on more and more events and recently he was invited as a guest performer in APOMAC 15th Anniversary Dinner and played a role in the movie Good Take Two.

Germano released his new song Gray in 2016 and expressed his thoughts in a relaxing way.

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