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Based in Macau, Chessman Macau has established itself not only a production house but also a superior provider of stage entertainment production, artist management as well as film and video production since 2001.

“If life was a game of chess, I would be my own player”. 16 years ago, three ambitious young men, who had strong faith in creativity, decided they should be the one who build their lives and future. Thus, they founded Chessman Macau, their own chessboard – they wanted to be their own lives’ “chess-men”…There ain’t no other players but themselves.

However it was not an easy ride. In spite of the kind intention of not refusing jobs when they were offered, seeing opportunities of pushing their limit further, they had been through ups like making enormous profits beyond their wildest dreams, as well as dramatic downs that they were once on the edge of scattering. The men of Chessman Macau certainly had their fair shares of dramas, sweats and hardship. From a three-man house to a fifty-man company to…many more, and expanding their horizons to Hong Kong in 2015, Chessman Macau shall keep on endeavouring to provide excellence service and creative solutions to clients in all sorts, realising the house’s vision which is to position itself as a premier design and production professional in the industry. More importantly, Chessman is here to demonstrate the one superpower of humanity – creativity.

By and with creativity, we can make anything happen.

It’s Chessman.

Chessman's Partners include:

2001年成立於澳門,棋人娛樂製作由娛樂製作開始,業務漸漸擴展至藝人管理及影視製作,至今已是一家最具規模的娛樂製作單位。 「人生如棋,你就是自己的棋手。」16年前,三個雄心壯志的少年,為了成為自己人生棋局的棋手,成立「棋人」。他們以無窮的創造力在澳門的演藝舞台上大放異彩,發光發亮,終由三個人的小公司,發展至擁五十多人的製作團體。 經歷起跌風浪,嚐盡甜酸苦辣,棋人澳門一直把目光放得更高更遠,以成為優秀的製作單位為目標;2015年棋人進駐香港設站,成立棋人香港,主力發展廣告設計,與棋人澳門並駕齊驅。 我們認為人的創造力是極強大的,因此我們不會停下來,更不會設限,務求以更精彩、多變、創新的舞台及項目製作,為澳門以至亞洲其他地方的娛樂文化,鍍上亮麗光芒。