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ChannelChess, the exclusive film production team of Chessman Entertainment Production, carries the mission of bringing a more comprehensive corporate and products image on various media for clients, which is made possible by the virtue of the team’s rich experience and exceptional creativity in cinematography. ChannelChess has produce promotional videos for various commercial organisations, both local and foreign ones, as well as government bodies. Moreover, we have involved in productions for TV dramas, corporate commercials of various scales, music videos and visual art events, etc., bringing us an all-around portfolio in entertainment production.

棋人娛樂擁有屬於自己的拍攝團隊-棋頻道影像製作 (ChannelChess)。 ChannelChess以豐富經驗及極富創意的手法和拍攝技巧,讓客戶的企業及產品形象以更立體的方法呈現於各種不同的媒體之上。ChannelChess曾為本地及國外多個商業機構,以及政府團體拍攝各類宣傳片,亦曾製作電視劇、各大小企業的廣告片、音樂錄影帶及影像藝術活動等,具有專業影像製作經驗。


The first studio in Macau capable to produce computer-generated special effects for cinematic films; its 10m x 4m green screen from The United States is imported to provide the most optimum Chroma Key after effects. GOOD Studio is also available for photo-shooting.

全澳門第一個電影級電腦特技攝錄影樓,10m x 4m美國進口綠色特殊背景,為電腦後期Chroma Key提供最好的效果,另外GOOD Studio 亦能作為一個照相攝影樓。


An enthusiast for local arts and creatives, Kio excels in film production and planning. In 2004 he found the filming team ChannelChess. Since then ChannelChess has filmed and produced promotional videos for various commercial organisations, both local and foreign ones, as well as government bodies. The team also has produced advertisment for many local brands, which are all well-received. Besides of local productions, Kio has produced music videos (MVs) for different record companies in Hong Kong. So far he has collaborated with singers like Kay Tse, Siu Fay and Kit Chan from Singapore, etc. CHITA’s album MVs filming and production, in addition, were entirely directed by Kio. He is also a welcomed MV director for many local singers and artists. Kio also directed the MV dedicated for the 10th Anniversary of Macau’s Hand-Over theme song. The MV was entirely filmed in Macau, showing the beauty of Macau’s world heritage sites. Through the visual presentations of Macau’s culture and histories, Kio wanted to expand and deepen audience’s knowledge about the small city which holds valuable heritage from the past.

熱愛本地藝術及創作,主力負責影片製作策劃,2004年底成立棋人拍攝隊(ChannelChess),為本地及國外多個商業機構及政府團體拍攝宣傳影片,亦為多個本地品牌策劃拍攝製作廣告,深受好評。 鍾楚喬亦為香港不同的唱片公司拍攝製作音樂錄影帶(MV),包括香港歌手謝安琪、小肥和新加坡歌手陳潔儀,以及為歌手CHITA全張唱片的MV拍攝及製作;此外,他亦有為多個本地歌手拍攝MV。澳門回歸十周年期間,鍾楚喬為澳門回歸十周年歌曲《一個神奇的地方》執導拍攝MV。導演鍾楚喬拍攝全於澳門取材及取景,以世界遺產的美景風情,讓更多觀眾能籍視像體驗澳門的小城風貌及世遺歷史城區的面貌,希望令觀眾對澳門有更深入的了解。